Wednesday, January 26, 2011

11 months . 2 weeks . 2 days .

you can be the prince and i can be your princess
you can be the sweet tooth and i can be the dentist
you can be the shoes and i can be the laces
you can be the heart that i spill on the pages

you can be the vodca and i can be the chaser
you can be the pencil and i can be the paper
you can be as cold as the winter weather
but i dont care as long as we're together

dont know if i could ever be
without you cause boy you complete me
and in time i know that we'll both see
that we're all we need

cause your the apple to my pie
your the straw to my berry
your the smoke to my high
and your the one i wanna marry

cause your the one for me
and im the one for you
you take the both of us
and we're the perfect two 
baby me and you 

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